CECN at the CHOA Oil Sands Tech Theatre – The Global Energy Show

The Canadian Energy and Climate Nexus 


David Millia, President and Chief Executive Officer, CECN

David is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Energy and Climate Nexus, a Canadian non-profit that aims to guide Canadians towards an all-inclusive and progressive energy and climate future. Living in both Spain and Argentina before moving to Canada, David relocated to Calgary as a young adult and became continually active in organizations based in the city. He began his career in surveying, exploration, engineering procurement, and construction management, before taking on project management and corporate leadership.

David has worked at various engineering firms such as All-Can Engineering and Excelsior Engineering as a designer and team lead, corporate companies such as Encana and Cenovus in a variety of management and specialist roles and served as advisor to several boards and sub-committees before transitioning to academia. He served as the Academic Chair for the B. Sc.in Construction Project Management at SAIT, the Chairman of the Canadian Coalition for Green Finance, and the Director of Strategic Centre Initiatives at the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary which included leading the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, The Centre for Corporate Sustainability and Energy and Environment Initiatives to name a few. In that time, he oversaw many entrepreneurial and sustainability initiatives and seminars, informed by more than 20 years of experience in oil, gas, and clean technology. David is also a sessional Instructor for the MBA program teaching the “Business of Oil & Gas” and “The Business of Cleantech”.

David holds dual undergraduate degrees, a technical diploma, and a dual M.BA focused on global energy management & sustainability, and project management. He is a Certified Engineering Technologist under ASET.


Topic: Polarization, What it is and why it matters in Energy & Climate

Have you ever asked yourself why the world is getting more and more polarized? Do you know what polarization actually is? Can it be good to have a winner and a loser with regards to energy or climate or is there evidence demonstrating that polarization is actually bad?

This session will unpack:

  • The Definition of Polarization
  • Show examples of how it manifests itself
  • What is at stake should polarization continue to flourish in a Canadian energy context
  • Show the results of a recent study showing the outcomes of polarization (Spoiler alert, its bad!!)



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