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Let’s Talk About Balance: Defining Work / Life Boundaries

April 14 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

The CHOA is pleased to partner with the Distress Centre Calgary (DCC) on this important topic for our latest webinar from the Professional Development & Leadership committee.

Working and living under one roof is blurring boundaries and leading to pandemic fatigue.  Fewer options for escape makes it even harder to find balance.  Many people are close to, or at the point of emotional exhaustion.   In this web session we will hear the journey of one of our members, confront some of the challenges that bring us to the tipping point between “Thriving” and “Surviving”, and provide examples, strategies and resources to help you in your daily life.

Join us with Natasha Dharshi and Roxanne Cote from the Distress Centre, who will guide us through this important session and bring helpful tools & take-aways for everyone, no matter where we are.

Natasha Dharshi is a passionate and devoted professional working towards enabling others to achieve their best potential. As a traveler of many roads, she has encountered a multitude of human beings, each a story with their own aspirations, tribulations, memories and life philosophies. Natasha has obtained a Bachelor of Science degree with a Specialization in Psychology at the University of Alberta, a Master of Cognitive Science degree at Carleton University and a Master of Clinical Social Work at the University of Calgary. Her experience working with ostracized and special needs populations for nine years within correctional and rehabilitative systems has allowed her to engage and provide support for a breadth of individuals who have endured a variety of mental health concerns and have suffered from substance abuse and dependence. Her experience working in homelessness and managing the Housing First Strategy in Ottawa has continued to ignite her passion of advocating for the basic rights of every human being. Natasha specializes in developing psycho-educational programming and has expertise in facilitating mental health training, individual and group therapy and residential and institutional case management. As a strong mental health advocate, Natasha is continuously inspired to work in the interests of marginalized populations who require support amplifying their voices. Natasha is currently the Senior Operations Coordinator at Distress Centre Calgary and a Functional Family Therapist at Catholic Family Services.

Roxanne Cote shares her passion for Distress Centre’s 24/7 crisis support, professional crisis counselling and 211 resources – that are free services.  Distress Centre ensures that everyone has a place to turn in a time of crisis, whatever that crisis may be.  We don’t judge, we’re here to listen and support those in crisis.   For 50 years, Distress Centre has provided a crisis support to anyone needing help – “EVERYONE IS HEARD.”

Distress Centre Calgary (DCC) has provided 24 hour crisis support in Calgary and southern Alberta since 1970. We do this through our 24 hour crisis line, email, daily chat, and daily text for our youth. We also have professional counselling for clients with issues that cannot be resolved over the phone. If you need help finding a social, community or government service, 211 is available by phone and online chat. Our Coordinated Access and Assessment (CAA) program serves Calgarians experiencing homelessness out of the Safe Communities Opportunity and Resource Centre (SORCe). All of our services are free.

We do not define crisis.  We do not judge. Anyone can call us day or night.

Mission: Provide compassionate, accessible crisis support that enhances the health, well-being and resiliency of individuals in distress.

Vision: Everyone is heard.

Values: Accessibility, Collaboration, Compassion, Excellence, Inclusivity, Innovation, Leadership, Partnerships, Respect, Volunteerism

To donate:  https://www.distresscentre.com/donate/



April 14
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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