FEBRUARY 2023 CHOA Journal

CHOA’s JOURNAL is evolving with you, as we LEAD through the long-term energy transition together.

  • A more digestible format, delivered in modern layouts as a full digital flipbook every month or two.
  • For a reflective read – archived on the CHOA website.
  • Always bringing you the technical and business information of interest to you right now.

This series of the JOURNAL is entitled, “CHOA LEADS”.

The FEBRUARY 2023 JOURNAL includes:

  • Interview with Harbir Chhina
  • CHOA Volunteer Profile 
  • CHOA Member Corner
    • Part 3 Conventional Geothermal
    • Part 4 Enhanced Geothermal
    • Part 5 Servicing Geothermal

View on or Download from CHOA  DropBox HERE  

View as Flipbook on  ISSUU HERE


February 2023 Journal

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