CHOA Project Update January 2020

January 2020 Project Update

D54 Project Reviews – January 2020 None Posted Source: Technical Publications of Note – January 2020 Recovery Processes IPTC-20017-MS: Synergistic Flooding and Gravity Drainage by Steam and Gas IPTC-20177-MS: Cold CO2 and Steam Injection for Heavy Oil Recovery Production SPE-195333-PA: Predicting and Applying Wellhead Temperatures for Steamflood-Field Operation and Production-Performance Monitoring SPE-195799-PA: Steam Conformance along Horizontal Well with Different Well Configurations of Single Tubing: An Experimental and Numerical Investigation SPE-199359-PA: Modeling the Conformance Improvement Using Flow Control Devices in Infill Wells Adjacent to SAGD Well Pairs: No Flashing SPE-200473-PA: Experimental Correlations for the Performance and Aperture Selection of Wire-Wrapped […]

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