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Lia Carnevale

Lia Carnevale’s first experience working in the oilfield came at the end of her third year of engineering, when she joined CNRL as a relief operating summer student. As a city kid, she said it was a big wake up call to head to Bonnyville and start her internship in the field.

On her first day, her clothes were ultra clean, and she must have looked pretty new to the whole experience. She recalled laughing that she was ribbed a little about it, but she quickly adapted and had great opportunities learn from the team in the field.

“I really started to enjoy myself. The operators taught me so much – so much that you aren’t able to see from the office.”

After the summer ended, Lia continued her 16-month internship with CNRL in Calgary working as a reservoir student and then headed back to finish her fourth year, graduating in 2018 with a Chemical Engineering degree from the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary.

The first of her family to enter the petroleum industry, Lia says, “I knew I liked chemistry and physics. I really liked learning about oil and gas, the science behind it and how they solve problems.”

As she was wrapping up her degree, Lia was fortunate to have a couple of choices – and she chose to join GLJ Petroleum Consultants. As a new grad, the opportunity to work in several different oil and gas fields was the biggest appeal – working in thermal, conventional and unconventional.

“I have the type of personality where I enjoy switching things up. I enjoy learning everything about a topic and then changing,” said Lia. “I find I get a range of experience with this role – which is really beneficial. I am at the beginning of my career and I have been very fortunate to have been offered some great opportunities.”

Shortly after she joined GLJ, Lia was asked if she wanted to volunteer for CHOA. Lia along with two other recent grads, started up the Developing Professionals program, for people who are 10 years or less into their careers. And the group now hosts regular events (though on hold due to COVID-19) for the association.

They have started the “Getting to Know” series that features CEOs and VPs for an intimate roundtable discussion with a small group of young professionals who can ask candid questions and discuss timely subjects. Additionally, each year they host a large event in October that features a larger platform for young professionals to connect with a wide range of speakers.

When asked where she’d like to take the group in the future, Lia responds, “I’d like to have a lot of people come to every event, have a good exchange of ideas and keep the professional development going.”

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