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VALERIE STEWART, VP Strategy & Development, Scovan

Valerie has over 20 years of experience and success in strategic business development, corporate culture and team leadership. She has worked in the energy and technology sectors across Canada. In each of her roles, she has brought an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset to improve business outcomes, build relationships and deliver value. She is an active member of Calgary Women in Energy, she has served as Chair of the Canadian Heavy Oil Association Fall Conference, and is the social coordinator for all three of her children’s hockey teams. As the founder of Scovan’s International Women’s Day Forum, she is passionately committed to diversity and inclusion, and champions diverse perspectives in the workplace. She is a key stakeholder in developing Scovan’s ESG strategy which is focused on reducing GHG emissions and creating equal opportunities for all. Valerie holds an M.B.A. from the University of Calgary.

Topic: PadX: Collaboratively developing the next generation of standardized, sustainable and intelligent well pads

The PadX mission is to collaboratively develop the next generation of standardized, sustainable and intelligent well pads. With an increasing focus on environmental stewardship, cost competitiveness and a goal to reduce GHG’s, the PadX Partnership has come together to maximize their value as a collective and to be leaders in sustainable development for SAGD.
The program will drive a true manufacturing strategy that includes manufacturing modules on spec at a volume that drives productivity and reduces costs at a rate that has never been done before. This will also allow producers to reduce the time between committing to capital equipment and generating revenue. With modules available from inventory, overall project development and execution could be done in three months or less.


JANE CAVANAGH, VP Product Innovation, Scovan 

Ms. Cavanagh holds both B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan.  She has 15+ years of experience as an engineer, project manager and new technology champion in western Canada’s energy industry. In her current role, VP Product Innovation, Scovan Engineering, she oversees new product development, including the commercialization of Scovan’s HipVap technology and Scovan’s PadX well pad program.


Topic: HipVap: Generating Steam from produced water: Game-Changing Technology for the SAGD industry

HipVap is an innovative produced water steam generation technology that brings game-changing opportunities for SAGD producers, reductions in costs and GHG emissions to brownfield or greenfield projects. Our core HipVap offering is designed for brownfield CPF operations looking to increase steam capacity. We offer a full suite of bolt-on options for any operation including small and large scale, well pad or CPF based, steam generation.
HipVap technology eliminates the need for conventional SAGD water treatment processes, including produced water cooling, de-oiling and boiler feed water treatment systems, generating steam directly from produced water. As these systems are energy-intensive, maintenance intensive, and costly, their removal offers operational cost savings, capital cost savings, improved plant up-time and more importantly a reduced environmental footprint.

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