Recruitment for Board of Directors


The Canadian Heavy Oil Association (“CHOA”) is actively looking for members to join its Board of Directors, including a Treasurer.

What is CHOA?

CHOA is a member-focused, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to transforming our industry into the world’s most responsible and innovative oil producer.   

Founded in 1986, CHOA strengthens Canada’s energy sector and accelerates the careers of our members through a wide range of technical, educational, and networking resources and events. Together, these expand the knowledge, relationships and influence of our members and sponsors within the heavy oil and oil sands community – and beyond. CHOA promotes meaningful information exchange with the public but does not engage in lobbying.

More information on CHOA can be found on its website: https://choa.ab.ca/

Why Join CHOA’s Board of Directors?

Because … We are … STRONGER, TOGETHER.

Are you looking to expand your network, develop your skills, or maybe you’re just that passionate about the heavy oil industry? There are numerous reasons to join CHOA’s Board of Directors! CHOA provides its Board and members plenty of opportunities including, but not limited to:

Networking – CHOA has approximately 2,000 individual members, two dozen Annual Sponsor organizations, and an extended audience of over 11,000 through its social media and email channels

Professional development – CHOA embraces the vision of Canada being the world’s most innovative, sustainable oil producer, and is here to create opportunities that can spark the shifts and drive the advances our industry needs.

Events – from technical webinars to socializing on a golf course, CHOA has a wide variety of events coming up in 2022 and beyond. For more information on CHOA’s events, please see CHOA’s website: https://choa.ab.ca/event/2022-choa-events/


What Does it Take to Join CHOA’s Board of Directors?

CHOA is looking for applicants from a wide range of professional and personal backgrounds.  CHOA’s Board Members are expected to:

1.Be passionate about Canadian Heavy Oil (and no, you do not have to work for an oil company or be an engineer)!

2. Provide strategic direction to the organization by establishing, supporting, and evolving the organization’s vision, policies, programs, and actions. More information on CHOA’s governance and policy can be found here: https://choa.ab.ca/governance-policy/

3. Provide oversight and direction to CHOA’s operational team.

4. Lead or join one (or more) of CHOA’s top-level committees. https://choa.ab.ca/committees/

5. Attend monthly Board Meetings and where required, lead/participate in committee meetings, stakeholder and industry engagements, volunteer meetings, and/or events. A typical commitment is ~4 hours/week, partially during office hours.

6. Support fundraising. As a not-for-profit, CHOA relies on its network, supported by the Board of Directors, for funding. Board Members will be expected to use the network they develop with CHOA to liaise and connect with supporters, support the conversation of participants to corporate sponsors, and to promote and close on advertising opportunities.

7. Additional requirements of the Treasurer. Along with the previous points, the Treasurer will be expected to:

            a. Oversee CHOA’s financial reporting function, supported by CHOA’s operational team and bookkeeping service.

            b. Contribute to ensuring effective financial measures, controls, and procedures are in place as appropriate for CHOA.

            c. Lead the annual budget development and approval process, including presentation of the budget at the CHOA Annual General Meeting (financial statements are reviewed by a public accounting firm).

            d. The Treasurer is a member of the Operations & Finance and Executive Committees.

8. Commit to a 2-year term commencing in May 2022.

9. Most Board member work, including Board meeting attendance, can be via videocalls.

Interested in Joining CHOA’s Board of Directors?

If you are interested to know more, please contact CHOA at [email protected] or 403.269.1755 and we will connect with you with a current Board Member who can answer your questions.

Applications are due by February 28, 2022, and should include your CV, a brief discussion of how your capabilities align with CHOA’s mandate, and the reasons you would like to be considered for a board position.

CHOA is also looking for non-Board member volunteers to assist in putting on its 2022 Events. Learn more about CHOA’s events HERE.

CHOA operates a virtual office – we do not have offices at our Calgary mailing address.


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