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CHOA Partner Event: IP Barriers to Innovation in Oil & Gas

Perspectives, Challenges and Alternative Models to “Big payout or bust” Approach. Join moderator Richard Venerus (Venerus Advisory Partners - meet Richard below the event description) and panelists Ian Buchanan (Exergy Solutions); Marty Reed (Evok Innovations); and John Goetz (EnerNext Partners) on an exploration of the underlying problem in how the innovator gets rewarded for their […]

CHOA Partner Event: Seismic Inversion for Facies Probabilities

Abstract A new generation of seismic inversion applications have recently entered the market, applications that estimate facies probabilities.  This represents a culmination of several strands of development running over many years.  Firstly, simultaneous inversion of multiple angle stacks to fully exploit the AVO content of the data.  Secondly, the move from deterministic to probabilistic inversion […]