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Welcome to CHOA LEARNS: Energy Changemakers!

This year-long series will feature insightful, interactive talks by technical and business leaders who are shaping the future of Canadian energy.

Each event will include dedicated time to network and learn from each other.Let’s get together and learn something new!



The Importance of Knowledge Sharing in Bringing CCS Projects to Life

Presentation by James Miller, President and Chief Executive Officer, International CCS Knowledge Centre 

The capture and storage of CO(CCS) from heavy industry has long been recognized as a critical component of achieving a carbon-neutral and sustainable energy future. However, the deployment of large-scale CCS projects has lagged behind rates proposed by organizations like the International Energy Agency and the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Recent developments indicate a shift in this trendThe social and economic value of CCS is increasingly acknowledged, as well as its contribution to energy security and sustainability, leading to higher public support and capital investment. As a result, the global pipeline of CCS projects is growing, with the increase in potential capture capacity rising from 75 million tonnes per year in 2022 to 320 million tonnes per year in March of 2023.

Despite aspirations, it remains true that more CCS projects have failed than succeeded. The reasons are multifaceted, including technical, engineering, economic, financial, and political challenges. To maximize the chances of success for current projects, it is imperative that lessons learned from previous experience are applied, to reduce risk, lower costs and improve the performance of the next generation of CCS technologies.



As President and CEO, James Millar provides strategic leadership at the International CCS Knowledge Centre (Knowledge Centre). He directs planning and management in advancing the development of carbon capture technology as a key mitigation strategy for climate action. Under his management, Knowledge Centre engineers and analysts are building partnerships across industries to plan and develop large-scale CCS projects in Canada and around the world, enhancing and de-risking the investment opportunities around this growing technology.  

Prior to joining the Knowledge Centre, James gained deep experience in energy, industrial infrastructure, and public policy. He began his career in Saskatchewan, where he was a senior advisor in government, before being appointed Director of Public Affairs for the 25,000-employee Calgary Health Region. He transitioned to the energy industry, providing public affairs direction to TransCanada Corporation (now TC Energy) during planning and development of major infrastructure projects including the Keystone XL and Energy East pipelines. Most recently, he managed public affairs for Pieridae Energy, working on a $10-billion LNG project off Canada’s east coast, and Pieridae’s planned carbon capture initiative.  


WHERE: The Calgary Petroleum Club

WHEN: July 13th, 2023 – 7:30 AM – 9:00 AM

The presentation is followed by a networking session.

The ticket includes a breakfast buffet.



If you have any issues with the registration, please email [email protected] for immediate assistance.

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