Ashaw Energy at the CHOA Oil Sands Tech Theatre – The Global Energy Show

Ashaw Energy 


MAZDA IRANI, Chief Technology Officer, Ashaw Energy

 Mazda Irani is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Ashaw Energy. Dr. Irani was previously employed in technical and supervisory roles with Cenovus Energy, Suncor Energy, RPS Energy, and C-FER Technologies. He brings practical experience having worked at large operators and service companies and tries to find efficient practical approaches to improve prediction capability.


SAHAR GHANNADI, President, Ashaw Energy 

 Sahar Ghannadi is the President of Ashaw Energy. Dr. Ghannadi was previously employed in technical and supervisory roles with BP Canada and Suncor Energy. She has published and presented more than 30 technical papers on different aspects of SAGD optimization and design.


Topic: The Digital Twin Solution for SAGD Operation

In the current environment artificial intelligence (AI) are used in any part of the oil and gas industry. The main problem in oil and gas is the limited number of data, and also the accuracy in measurements. So currently many thinks that AI is not smart enough. The reason is in the lack of temporal and spatial prediction in AI techniques, as we move away from training point the field predictions are deviating. Prior to the current wave of AI, numerical modelling was the main stream for prediction of many problems in oil and gas industry. Currently many engineers follow the fashion by looking for a quick substitute to dynamic numerical model through a ML /AI black box tools. Without knowing that dynamic numerical model has a big advantage and that is understanding the effect of time and space in defined problem. The problem is even larger once we are dealing with new completions such as ICD, Limited Entry, …. In this presentation Dr. Irani/Dr Ghannadi will explain the new application that solves all the automation and prediction challenges with reading the real-time data and converting them to meaningful results for SAGD operators.


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