QUBE Technologies at the CHOA Oil Sands Tech Theatre – The Global Energy Show

Qube Technologies 


TARYN HUMPHREYS, Director, Business Development

Taryn is an experienced engineering professional and has led and supported the development, operations, strategy, and growth of North American and International assets for over 15 years at previous oil and gas producers. Prior to joining Qube, Taryn held Senior Engineering roles at Modern Resources, Crescent Point Energy, and Talisman Energy. Taryn holds a Bachelor of Science in Materials Engineering from the University of Alberta and is a registered Professional Engineer with APEGA.


Topic: Methane Quantification and Localization using a Continuous Monitoring System 

To comply with rising energy industry demands to reduce methane emissions, operators require technology to cost-effectively detect, quantify, and localize fugitive methane leaks. Continuous monitoring enables operators to detect and measure leaks in real-time, enabling faster remediation and verification of repairs, and improved emissions reductions at facilities. New advances in AI and machine learning make it possible to accurately quantify the size of GHG emissions, and localize their source, allowing for actionable insights at a fraction of the cost of other emissions detection technology. 


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